Who kidnapped Johnny Gosche?

On September 5, 1982, in Iowa (USA), Johnny Gosche (a 12 year old newspaper delivery boy) went missing and was reported kidnapped when he was attempting to do his morning newspaper delivery route. Many witnesses which included fellow newspaper delivery boys and neighbors, stated that they saw Johnny being kidnapped by a number of perpetrators, in a highly organized and professional abduction. Other witnesses came forward and stated that they saw Johnny being photographed by suspicious persons, in the days leading up to his abduction.

Below: A photograph of Johnny Gosche as a young boy.

Johnnypic1After Johnny was reported to be missing and kidnapped, the local police refused to investigate the matter and would not do anything about it, it was a very bizarre situation, as witnesses were coming forward and reporting that they had seen Johnny being kidnapped by a group of people. The police simply refused to investigate and take the allegations seriously. This kidnapping incident had all the hallmarks of a major conspiracy from day one.

Noreen Gosche, the mother of Johnny Gosche had been unable to get justice or any help from the police regarding her sons kidnapping, so she began seeking help from private investigators. Former Californian FBI chief Ted Gunderson (who was now working as a private investigator) began assisting Noreen Gosche in the investigation and uncovered some shocking truths. In the past Ted Gunderson had uncovered numerous cases of satanic and conspiracy activity, which included the McMartin pre school case, where pre school staff were forcing children into satanic rituals and other sinister activity.

Below: Picture of Noreen Gosche (Mother of Johnny Gosche) talks to the news media about the kidnapping of her son.


Ted Gunderson had concluded that Johnny Gosche had been kidnapped by members of the NSA and CIA who were also members of a Satanic cult. High level NSA army officer, Colonel Michael Aquino (Former second in command of the church of satan, and founder of the satanic temple of Set) was named as the organiser of the Johnny Gosche kidnapping.


TedGundersonLeft: Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson. Gunderson investigated the Johnny Gosche case as a private investigator.

One of the key witnesses in the Johnny Gosche kidnapping was Paul Bonacci (pictured below/right) , Paul stated that he was a Paul1teenager when Johnny was kidnapped, and that he was forced to assist in the kidnapping. According to Paul, he was forced to bait Johnny near a vehicle while somebody shot Johnny with a stun gun. After Johnny was shot with the stun gun, he was wrapped up in carpet and thrown into a vehicle and taken away. This testimony from Paul Bonacci was confirmed by a neighbor who saw this event take place.

Johnny Gosche’s kidnapping also seemed to be linked to a CIA department known as “The Finders.” The Finders were an organization in the CIA, that kidnapped children and sold them at auctions to various wealthy people. The Finders group also placed these kidnapped children into satanic cults, and forced these children to engage in satanic cult activity. The existence of the Finders and its connection to the CIA was confirmed by Ted Gunderson (former Californian FBI chief).

Some years after Johnny Gosche went missing, he turned up at his mothers (Noreen Gosche) house and told her what had happened to him. He basically told his mother that he was abducted by the CIA/NSA, and was recruited into the MKULTRA mind control program. The MKULTRA mind control program was a proven program linked to the CIA, and involved training assassins and spies. Many in the MKULTRA program were subjected to satanic ritual abuse, and were forced to participate in satanic rituals. Colonel Michael Aquino of the NSA has been reported to be a chief mind control handler by eyewitnesses all over the world, and Johnny Gosche stated that Aquino did in fact play a role in his kidnapping and capture through the years. Johnny Gosche also reported that he had been involved in a global pedophile ring, and had been used as a child prostitute and abused by various people as a minor over the years. Johnny stated that the pedophile ring which captured him was protected by high level government officials. After Johnny visited his mother and conveyed these revelations to her, he had to leave and has never returned out of fear for the lives of his family and his own life.

So who were the masterminds behind the Johnny Gosche kidnapping? According to witnesses Colonel Michael Aquino played a principle role in the kidnapping, but according to my research, Aquino was merely a middle man working for the Jesuit Order.

According to Cathy O’brien who was sold to the CIA/NSA, and the interlocking secret societies that control these intelligence agencies, Colonel Michael Aquino was mentored and trained by the Jesuits.

Below: Pictures of Colonel Michael Aquino which include him with the head of the Church of Satan( Anton Lavey).


Michael Aquino was one of Cathy O’brien’s handlers and in her book “Transformation of America”, Cathy describes an interaction she had with Michael Aquino:

“”I’ve been expecting you,” Aquino said with a smile. Events later that night proved that Aquino had been supplied the keys to my previously established Jesuit based programming, which he and Byrd used and altered to suit their own perversions.” (Transformation of America by Cathy O’brien)

It has been proven that the Jesuits wrote the degrees for high level Satan worshipping Scottish Rite Freemasonry (Please see my other articles on the Jesuits for more information on this issue. The high level Scottish Rite degrees were written at the Jesuit College of Clermont), and I strongly believe that the Jesuits advised and mentored Michael Aquino and other Satanic church leaders in Satanism. It is my belief that the Jesuits are at the top of the New World Order pyramid and control most, if not all secret societies and international intelligence agencies. I also believe Michael Aquino (Former leader of the Temple of Set and second in command of the Church of Satan) is submitted to the Jesuit Order.

Below: Picture of Michael Aquino dressed in what seems to be the traditional Masonic Scottish Rite regalia.

MichaelAqScottishThe Jesuit Order who control the Vatican both openly (The present Pope Francis is a Jesuit) and secretly (Through intimidation, crimes, murder and cunning) claim to follow Jesus, however the Jesuits are hardcore disciples of Satan, and worship the devil at Ninth Circle Satanic cult ceremonies (Kevin Annett from the international common law court of justice has proved this). It should also be noted that the Jesuits created the illuminati (Adam Weishaupt who founded the illuminati was trained by the Jesuits and worked in a Jesuit office). The Jesuits are the ultimate manifestation of Satan and Judas Iscariot (The son of perdition) who put Jesus to death. Judas claimed to be a disciple of Jesus, however Jesus himself called Judas Iscariot a devil. Those who read the Bible account will recall that the Bible documented that the devil himself entered Judas.

The Jesuits are the ultimate manifestation of the devil’s disciples, they claim to be followers of Jesus and act like saints in front of the crowds and cameras, but behind the scenes they are murdering the innocent and participating in all manner of evil. The Jesuits are the ultimate satanic overlords of the worldwide international Satanic cult networks, and I believe the Jesuits control both the intelligence agencies and satanic cults that kidnapped Johnny Gosche.

Some years ago I watched the Geraldo Rivera talk show TV program and on the show appeared Michael Aquino and a Jesuit Priest, the Jesuit Priest was on the show stating how Satanism was bad etc, whilst Michael Aquino was talking in support of Satanism. This is the ultimate Jesuit mind control. The Jesuit was portraying himself on worldwide television as a supporter of Christ whilst pretending to be against Michael Aquino (while in fact this Jesuit was Michael Aquino’s superior in the international Satanic hierarchy). The Jesuits are experts at controlling the masses through suggestive mind control, and through portraying themselves as the good guys. This is also known as hiding in plain site.

Those who are familiar with the Star Wars trilogy can understand the Jesuit Order through the portrayal of the Emperor (Darth Vader’s overlord). The Emperor portrayed himself to the masses as a righteous politician who was against the evil Sith, while in reality he himself was the secret Sith overlord. The Jesuit is the secret Sith Overlord controlling the international Satanic network that kidnapped Johnny Gosche and other children around the world. The Jesuits are second in command only to Satan himself and his demons.

PopeVaderMany researchers have said that the Sith and evil Emperor are secretly based on the Jesuit Order and this may be true. George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars) was a member of the Masonic and satanic Theosophical Society, which is another occult organization founded by the Jesuits. George Lucas who was a member of this secret society, may have used the Jesuits as an inspiration for the Sith characters (particularly the Emperor).







If you are reading this article… remember.. YOU are the resistance.


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