The Alberto Rivera story

Some years ago Chick publications started releasing publications and books on the testimony of a former Jesuit priest, who left the Jesuit Order after realizing how evil it was. This former Jesuit priest name was Alberto Rivera.


Alberto Rivera was employed by the Jesuit Order as a spy and possibly an assassin. Although Alberto did not admit to assassinating people, he did confirm that the Jesuit Order was involved in poisoning people, to either murder them or give them a permanent disability. Alberto Rivera also worked in normal priestly duties (such as being a teacher at a school) aswell as working as a professional spy for the Jesuit Order.

Alberto Rivera was also invited to at least one black Satanic mass that the Jesuits held in Spain, this was probably at a time when the high level Jesuits were introducing him to the Satanic ninth circle cult. As a Jesuit rises through the ranks and comes into the high Jesuit levels, they are brought into the ninth circle satanic cult, and also introduced to the illuminati which is a seperate group underneath the Jesuits and ninth circle cult.

Alberto Rivera explained that when he was a young Jesuit, he was invited to a Satanic black mass where a high level Jesuit showed him a masonic ring and told Alberto to kiss it. At this Satanic black mass, Alberto was also told that the Jesuits work with the illuminati that is based in England (Note: the illuminati is one of numerous organizations created by the Jesuits). According to hearings conducted by the international common law court of justice led by Kevin Annett, the Jesuits created the illuminati a few years after they created the Satanic ninth circle cult.

Those wanting more information on Kevin Annett’s court findings, can read my below article about the Ninth Circle Cult:

Alberto Rivera was an inside witness into the activities of the notorious Jesuit Order, but he managed to leave the organization just as they started to introduce him to the Satanic Ninth Circle cult they operate. Alberto’s testimony was interesting because it showed the Jekyl and Hyde characteristics of the Jesuit Order, in public view the Jesuits are: conducting church services, raising money for charity and teaching at Schools and Colleges, but behind the scenes, the Jesuit is controlling and pulling the strings of numerous secret societies. The Jesuits (as per Alberto Rivera’s testimony) are also operating as spies by infiltrating religious and political groups all over the world.

So what exactly was Alberto Rivera’s testimony… Well.. he entered the Jesuit Order as a young child and was raised and trained to be a Jesuit Priest from a young age. As he was raised in the Jesuit Order, he was banned from reading the Holy Bible, and was only allowed to read Roman Catholic theology books, however at one stage he got a copy of the Holy Bible and was reading it in secret and realized the Bible contradicted many Roman Catholic and Jesuit teachings. The seeds that caused Alberto to question the Jesuit Order, were sown early on in Alberto’s life after he read the Bible, however after this he continued on with his commitment with the Jesuit’s.

As Alberto climbed the ladder in the Jesuit Order, he became a spy and was sent to Protestant churches (that would not submit to the Vatican), where he caused all kinds of problems to ruin the churches, and he also spied on secret Protestant church fellowship’s and worked with the Jesuit’s and Spanish Government secret police, to have Protestant churches in Spain raided and their adherents locked in jail. The Jesuits do not want any competition with churches or religious groups they don’t control. If they can control the religions of the world, they can have their one world religion under their chosen Pope.

Alberto Rivera also had access to secret underground vaults under the Vatican as a Jesuit. Alberto stated that the Vatican has a computer that holds the full names of all Protestant’s worldwide, he also saw books in these vaults that explained how the Vatican created Islam to kill its enemies, and they still use Islam for their own purposes.

“Rivera also alleged that Muhammad was manipulated by the Catholic Church to create Islam and destroy the Jews and other groups of Christians, and that his first wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, was actually a Catholic nun in an Arabian monastery who was told by a bishop to marry him and sow the seeds of what was to become Islam. Rivera also alleged that the Vatican staged an apparition at Fatima (named after Muhammed’s daughter) to cozy up to Muslims.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Even though the Jesuit’s allow Islamic groups like Isis to murder Catholics in the Middle East, it does not matter to them, as Isis is used as a pretext to invade countries and to create more control for the Jesuits in that continent. It has been proven by numerous researchers that Isis is a product of the CIA, which is one of the numerous intelligence agencies controlled by the Jesuit Order.

Alberto Rivera explained in his testimony how he was used by the Jesuits to manage the global ecumenical movement (a church movement designed to unite all Protestant churches together with Rome). “According to Rivera…. the Charismatic Movement (ecumenical movement) is a front for the Catholic Church, that the Popes are antichrists, and that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.” (Source: Wikipedia). When Alberto was used by the Jesuit’s to unite all churches in the ecumenical movement, he realized that he was uniting all churches under the Jesuit Black Mass Satanic Cult. He realized that the Jesuit’s were evil and wanted all religions to worship the Pope (who is the antichrist).

Once Alberto started objecting to what the Jesuit’s were doing, the Jesuit’s put Alberto is a mental institution and poisoned him and he started to die. When in the hospital, Alberto called out to Jesus Christ and asked for forgiveness for serving in the Jesuit order, and the Lord answered his prayer and healed him and he managed to escape.

After this experience and after his escape, Alberto Rivera became a true born again Protestant Christian who followed the Holy Bible (not the Roman Catholic theology), and he started preaching the word of God and even had his own small Protestant church. Alberto also got involved with Jack Chick from Chick publications, and produced a number of books and comic books that explained his testimony. Chick publications showed photographs of Alberto as a Jesuit Priest teaching in a school, they also showed a photograph of Alberto’s Jesuit identification to prove his case. The word was getting out about Alberto’s testimony, and many people read the truth through the books produced by Chick publications.

Alberto Rivera appeared on a number of television interviews including one conducted by a Seventh Day adventist program, and he told his story about his life and the truth about the Jesuit Order. Alberto also continued Pastoring a small church and preaching from the Protestant Holy Bible. He had truly come out of the false religious system of the Roman Catholic Church, and he had found the truth in the Bible and enjoyed sharing that truth with others.

As a former Roman Catholic myself I can relate to Alberto’s testimony, as I too was deceived and lost in the Roman Catholic church with their rituals and works, and I was never told the truth about Jesus Christ and what he did for me. However once one comes out of the Roman Catholic system and seeks a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a person can truly be set free from this demonic religious system.

As Alberto continued on with his life, one day he met a person who claimed to be a friend at his church and the person said that he wanted to make dinner for him. One evening this so-called friend made Alberto some dinner and put poison in it, Alberto became very sick after consuming this poison and eventually went to hospital where he died an agonizing death, at the hands of the Jesuit infiltrator who infiltrated his church to commit murder against him.

The Jesuit is a rat… a cowardly vermin of the most wicked kind. These cowards cannot look you in the eye and fight you face to face. The Jesuit is a modern day Judas Iscariot.. when Judas betrayed Jesus, Jesus himself said that the devil entered him, and then Judas slid into the darkness and betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

The Jesuit is full of Satan and they too like Judas appear as followers of Christ, but behind the curtain they are Satanic worshiping evil doers of the worst kind.
Despite his death, Alberto Rivera did live a long life after he left the Jesuit Order. Alberto can be seen on numerous youtube video’s giving his testimony right up until his hair turned grey.

Alberto Rivera’s life mirrored the life of Jesus Christ in many ways, he preached the word of God and did the right thing. He helped who he could and sought to love others by showing them the truth, he even touched the lives of many Vatican officials through his testimony and prayers. Just like Jesus Christ, Alberto was also betrayed by a person who he thought was a friend. I guess Alberto could identify with Jesus more than most, as he would have understood how Jesus felt when he got betrayed by a person he thought was a friend.

As I reflect on the life of Alberto Rivera I’m thankful for all he did. He took great risks to leave the Jesuit Order and expose them, and he confirmed the research of Eric Jon Phelps, Jack Chick, Kevin Annett, Branton and many others.
Alberto Rivera’s testimony helped people understand who was in control of the New World Order, and he also taught us much about: God, Jesus Christ, spirituality and religion.

For more information on the Jesuit Order please read my various other articles on the Jesuit Order in my archives.


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