The Jesuit Control Grid

Below is a chart which I call the “Jesuit control grid.” The grid below illustrates the international Jesuit network that controls the world, by placing members of all mentioned societies into influential places of power. High level intelligence agents, politicians, royal families, police, military leaders and religious leaders (all religious groups including: Islam, various church denominations and other religious groups) and high level United Nations (UN) officials, are members of the below mentioned secret societies which serve the Jesuit Order (most of the groups mentioned below were invented and founded by the Jesuits). By placing the Jesuits and their subordinates into positions of power all over the globe, the Jesuits are able to rule a hidden world empire.

JesuitControlGridLeft: The Jesuit control grid. The Jesuits invented both the Ninth Circle Satanic cult and the illuminati. The Jesuits also use the various Italian and Sicilian Mafia groups, to manage their criminal economy which includes drug dealing and a host of other criminal activities. The Jesuits have used their secret societies to not only control all legitimate corporations, but they also use the Mafia to have a monopoly in the underground economy. According to investigator Kevin Annett, the Jesuits also use the Mafia to abduct children for their Satanic rituals.

The Jesuits are Satanic sorcerers and arch criminals of the most devious kind. These black magicians are the controllers of the emerging New World Order and international big brother police state.


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