False flag alien invasion

In other articles I have stated that the Jesuits and their demon masters want to stage an alien spaceship invasion, similar to what we constantly see in Hollywood movies. A staged alien invasion using advanced technology which is stored at Area 51 and other top secret bases, will allow the Jesuits to implement Martial Law and it will also prop up the economy and stop the US and other economies from collapsing.

Imagine if the Jesuits and their subordinate secret society members, who are placed in stragetic military and political positions, stage an alien invasion with anti-gravity crafts and highly developed technology. The Jesuits could then use their politicians and military officers to demand martial law, based upon this staged alien invasion. Senators and congressman could say that the USA (and other nations), need Martial Law while the government deals with the alleged alien invasion situation. It will be very clever and manipulative as the people who stage and organize the alien invasion, actually demand Martial law and dictatorial control of the nation while they deal with the alleged invasion.

The Jesuits control the military/industrial complex through Vatican Knighthoods and secret societies such as: The Knights of Malta, Temple of Set etc. All the anti-gravity spaceship type crafts are stored at top secret underground military bases that the Jesuits control, all these high end technological wonders are the Jesuits secret war machine to keep them in power. The Jesuits use this high end secret technology for secret war’s and missions, and they also want to use it to stage a fake alien invasion, so they can call for Martial law in the USA and other countries.

The staged alien invasion will probably manifest through the Jesuits ordering high level intelligence officers and military officers, who are secret brotherhood members subordinate to the Jesuits, to begin dispatching anti-gravity craft spaceships from the underground bases and to fly over major cities in the USA and other countries. These advanced craft will hover over major cities and even land in some places, and you may also see various non human intelligent species exiting the crafts and engaging in various activities outside of the ships (The alleged aliens such as the Greys are test tube created entities that serve the Jesuit Order, some of the Jesuits are also reptilian shapeshifters as some of their ancestors mated with fallen angels. For more information on alien origins please read my alien-origins article: https://reptiliandimension.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/alien-origins/ ). Much of this will be caught on camera by the media and it will be sensationalized through worldwide television, the President will then be ordered by the Jesuits to announce Martial Law in the USA due to the dramatic staged alien invasion. The Government and big corporations may also announce massive spending on developing technology to defend the people from the aliens. This massive spending will help save the economy from collapsing, as many new jobs will be created, by the Government spending huge amounts of money on new projects to protect its citizens from the aliens.

According to Nobel economist Paul Krugman, a staged alien invasion would increase government spending, as the government would start spending more money on building technology and weapons to defend themselves from the alien invasion.

In the below youtube clip, Paul Krugman is seen on the Bill Maher Tv show, explaining how a staged alien invasion would improve the US economy. The Jesuits like to announce their plans in a subtle type of way before they implement them, this is known as the language of stealth symbology. The Jesuits in my opinion are using Paul Krugman to announce their coming plans.
Nobel economist Paul Krugman explains an alien invasion would save the economy:

The Huffington Post also covered the bizare comments made by Paul Krugman:
“Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman repeated his assertion this week that the United States could benefit economically if the government began pouring money into anti-ET defense in preparation for a possible alien invasion of Earth. Even a faked war of the worlds scare might help, he suggested.” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/21/paul-krugman-alien-invasion_n_1612973.html)

In the 1970’s a former high level member of the illuminati (who I won’t name) stated that the NWO would use a staged alien invasion, to implement Martial law in the US and create a one world government. As we look at the comments made by Nobel economist Paul Krugman on NWO controlled prime time TV, the alleged former illuminati member may have been telling the truth.


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