Good reptilians vs bad reptilians

According to a report by former CIA operative and researcher Branton, there are benevolent reptilians out there, who have been assisting the Delta Force in rescuing captured human beings from underground alien facilities (primarily Dulce Underground base in New Mexico).

One must realize that many reptilian shape shifters are trapped in the Luciferian consciousness, and are under the control of the Jesuit Order and fallen angels. Many reptilians however are breaking out of the Luciferian consciousness, and are becoming more individualistic and are making a decision for Jesus Christ according to John 3:16. By choosing Jesus Christ and righteousness, they are exiting the Luciferian consciousness, and coming into the Holy Spirit (super intelligence consciousness). By choosing Jesus Christ and the force of good, these reptilians are seeking to act in a benevolent and helpful manner.

Below are some paragraphs taken from the Dulce battle report:

“Nearly overwhelmed, the human fighters in the X-22 would have likely not made it into the air if at that moment several battlecraft hadn’t darted into the port facility and started to lay down a brutal fire pattern against the other aliens.

While one can only guess at the reasons for this sudden aid, it has long been reported that the Dutchman, and his son, had highly questionable off-world contacts. From eyewitness accounts of the battlecraft, one had the symbols on its wings of what human experts in the field suggest marked the craft as belonging to something like a ‘prince’ of a ‘royal house’. Whatever the case, the Reptile battlecraft fought on the side of the humans (indeed, two of their craft were lost in the battle), and gave the X-22 and Ontzuka’s fighter-craft and the last two helicopters the chance to escape.

Seventy-two minutes, 14 seconds, after the attack had started, the X-22 and the Reptile battlecraft with princely markings cleared the landing port’s blast doors and dashed for safety.” (The Dulce Battle as reported by Branton:

The report by Branton is significant and we must be aware that many good reptilians are out there helping humanity and others. There are many non-reptilian humans, who are members of satanic secret societies who are doing much harm out there, so we must realize its not a reptilian problem, it’s a problem with all beings who choose evil over good. We must not judge by race, but we must judge according to the works and character of the being we are analyzing. There are many evil mammalian human beings, who are more evil than many reptilians who are out there doing good. It’s clear from the Dulce Battle that righteous human beings worked with righteous reptilians, to save a number of innocent people from the Dulce facility.

I am in agreement with Branton that the Jesuit Order are the rulers and controllers of all secret societies including the illuminati. The Jesuits are made up of mammalian human beings and reptilian shapeshifters, all the beings in this Order are serving evil and waging war against Protestants who follow the Holy Bible, and those who promote liberty and freedom. Many righteous reptilians seeking to do good, are also caught up in this war as they battle evil human beings and evil reptilians who serve the Luciferian consciousness.

The Luciferian consciousness and those beings carrying out its agenda, is seeking to enslave humanity by forcing it to submit to Lucifer and the coming antichrist, which may be the Jesuit Pope. The Jesuits who wrote the Luciferian degree’s of Freemasonry and rule all organized religion worldwide, seek a world government with their Jesuit Pope as the King of the world.


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