Possible reptilian caught on film

In a recent event in Queensland/Australia, a young man by the name of Alex Player, seems to have caught video footage of a reptilian entity up close and personal. This may be the best video footage of a reptilian ever caught on camera. Alex who lives in a remote bushland area of Queensland has also caught the short and tall grey’s on film before, however this most recent footage seems to show a different being. In my personal opinion this is a reptilian humanoid type creature. I think Alex may live near some kind of top secret underground base similar to Dulce, because he is constantly having encounters with various entities that fit the descriptions of what was seen in Dulce. For those not aware, Dulce is allegedly a top secret underground base located in New Mexico, operated by certain reptilian factions and ruling elite. Note: Some reptilians are actually a force for good and are against the bad reptilians. (The Dulce Book by Branton, describes the Dulce Base and the alien activity going on there, the book also explains how the good reptilians have been fighting with the bad reptilians). Alex Player who has caught footage of various grey aliens and more recently a possible reptilian, seems to be living near a Dulce type facility where he has been capturing footage of: various beings (as described in Brantons Dulce book), advanced secret NWO weapons and demonic occult activity.

Below is a still picture from the reptilian footage of Alex Player ( All rights to this footage belong to Alex Player):


Note the broad shoulders and more humanoid characteristics of this being as opposed to the small body frames of the greys. Alex has other videos on his channel of greys, and its clear the above entity is not a grey as it is too thick and broad shouldered to be a grey. If you look closely at the entity caught on film, you can also observe a possible snout on it’s face, which possibly indicates that it is a reptilian.

In my opinion Alex is living near a high level Jesuit Luciferian illuminati underground base, and because its convenient for them, they are testing out their advanced weapons and sorcery on him and his family. Alex has had flash guns fired upon him by the greys, he has also been attacked with mind control weapons and more recently they have been using sound weapons against him. He has also been attacked with occult witchcraft, as the Jesuit sorcerers and their apprentices have put demonic visions and dreams into his mind when he slept. The reptilian caught on film may have been a high level shapeshifting Jesuit in reptilian form. The evil reptilians are those in high level Jesuit positions and those who are submitted  to the Jesuit Order leadership, the good reptilians have broken away from the Jesuit Order and Luciferian consciousness and are seeking to do good. Note: The Jesuits wrote all high level Masonic degrees at the college of Clermont in Paris and control all secret societies (including the illuminati).


To access the video of the reptilian (or it could be a similar entity). Go to Alex Players youtube channel. Note: Alex Players youtube username is thepolishedknob. Here is the link to Alex’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCithy2BwZGkaLvM0ftF_fMQ


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