Mafia controlled by Vatican and Jesuits

In one of the most stunning radio interviews to ever be conducted, former Mafia boss Tony Gambino (of the well known Gambino mafia crime family), was interviewed by Greg Szymanski (radio host) and Eric Jon Phelps (author) in a revealing radio show, that shed light on some of the most important issues in the last two centuries.

GambinoTony Gambino confirmed that the Mafia is controlled by high level Vatican officials, and that all Mafia Don’s are submitted under: Roman Catholic Archbishops, Cardinals and ultimately the Jesuit Order who control the Vatican. Tony Gambino explained how the Mafia is protected by the CIA and FBI, and that much of the money the Mafia makes goes to the government and the Vatican. Tony Gambino’s testimony seems to agree with David Yallop’s book, “In God’s name”, which documents in detail, how illegal drug money is washed and stored in Vatican Bank accounts. The book explains how high level Vatican officials manage and hold mafia drug money.

Tony Gambino also explained that former US president John F Kennedy (JFK), was assassinated by a Mafia hitman who was hiding in a storm drain. Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsy who was setup to take the fall. JFK was assassinated by a mafia hitman whose name was Johnny Roselli. According to Gambino, the mafia hit squad was overseen by the CIA and secret service. Gambino stated that in the JFK murder video, you can see the secret service agents back away from the President, just before he gets murdered. The Secret Service agents moved back, to avoid getting in the line of fire they knew was coming.

Gambino also discusses the 911 attacks on the twin towers and explains how the: Vatican, CIA, Mafia and criminal elements in government, brought down the twin towers so they could access the gold stored under the towers. Once the towers were brought down through a controlled demolition (note: as stated by Gambino, an army plane/B-25 Bomber, much larger than the planes that hit the twin towers, hit the empire state building some years ago, and the empire state building never collapsed. “The B-25 Empire State Building crash was a 1945 aircraft accident in which a B-25 Mitchell piloted in thick fog crashed into the Empire State Building.” (Wikipedia). The Vatican and its controlled intelligence agencies and criminal groups, brought down the twin towers through a controlled demolition.

b25empirestateTony Gambino’s testimony confirms numerous investigations which reveal that the Vatican controls the worldwide drug trade, and that the Mafia is the criminal arm of the Vatican, and is used to control the economy (both legal and illegal economies) and maintain the Vatican as a financial power. The Mafia is essentially a Roman legion for the Vatican, which conquers industrial sectors and economies through violence and intimidation. Racketeering, stand over tactics, murder and violence are ways in which the Mafia is used by the Vatican to control businesses, companies, and illegal criminal groups.

Christian author Jack Chick also produced a table illustrating the Vatican’s tentacles and control of secret societies, which seems to be confirmed as accurate by Tony Gambino .


The interview with Tony Gambino can be heard here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:



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