Popery Roman Catholicism vs Biblical based Christianity

Popery Roman Catholicism exalts the Priests to the place of god where they are able to forgive sins, by prescribing works of penance the sinner must complete so sins can be forgiven.The Roman Catholic church believes that a person can only go to Heaven if they are a member of its church, they also proclaim that anyone who believes in salvation outside the Roman Catholic Church to be cursed. The Roman Catholic church also curses anyone who believes the Biblical salvation message, which is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. These are the Roman Catholic doctrines.

The Roman Catholic Church is a platform for the Luciferian’s to exalt themselves over humanity, and make themselves to be gods before the masses, then they can steer the masses into a one world religion through a: compromised, liberal and new age/occult ideology, with some random Christian symbols and names in it, to lure Christians into it, that merges with other religions such as Islam, Buddhism, New Age, Hinduism Occult, Witchcraft¬† etc. The Roman Catholic Church does not preach the Biblical Jesus Christ, they are preaching another Jesus, a new age/occult Jesus who gives them the status of gods by giving them the power to forgive sins, and the liberal ideology to create a one world religion mixed with everything.

The Roman Catholic Church teach salvation through works. They teach that you have to be a member of their church and complete their ceremonies and sacrament’s to be saved. They also teach you have to employ their representatives to forgive your sins. This is not biblical at all and is not what Jesus Christ or the Bible teaches.

Biblical Christianity is simple and is not rocket science. We are all sinners who have broken Gods laws and deserve punishment, but over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ the Son of God, died on the cross and took the punishment we deserved on that cross, He then rose from the dead on the third day. By simply believing what Jesus Christ did for us, we are saved and forgiven of our sins. Upon this belief in Jesus Christ, the Christian is sealed with the Holy Ghost, Gods judgement is lifted from off his life and he is assured a place in Heaven after he dies because of his faith. Biblical Christianity is an act of faith between you and God through Jesus Christ.

The Word of God says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” (John 3:16-17)

When we believe what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, and when we believe that He rose from the dead on the third day, we are saved from judgement and enter into Gods Kingdom, which begins with the Holy Spirit consciousness and ends in a supernatural entry into the Kingdom of Heaven after our mortal bodies pass away.

My personal testimony is that I was baptized into the Roman Catholic church as a baby, I attended a Roman Catholic primary school and did my communion sacrament with the Roman Catholic Church, I also attended a Roman Catholic secondary college and did my confirmation ceremony with the Roman Catholic church. All this time I spent with the Roman Catholic church, I never heard the good news of what Jesus Christ did on the cross for me. I was never told that I could have entry into Heaven and be saved by putting my faith in Jesus Christ according to John 3:16, this is because the Roman Catholic Church do not teach this, they do not follow the Bible, but they have devised a works based Roman religion with a few Christian symbols thrown into it. Later on in life in my 20’s a friend gave me a piece of paper that explained what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross and I believed and got saved, he also showed me Bible prophecies which talked about the end of days and the mark of the beast and I was amazed of the truth and accuracy of the Bible. It was at this time that I actually got saved by putting my faith in Jesus Christ and believing John 3:16.

Protestant preacher Ian Paisley defines a Bible based Christian as:

“A Christian is any person, no matter what his colour, class or creed may have been, who believes the Record that God has given of His Son in the Word of God; accepts the verdict of God upon himself as a sinner; confesses that he is lost and hell-deserving; makes bare his heart and all his sins to God only; asks to be cleansed in the Saviour’s Precious Blood, throwing himself for salvation by faith alone, through grace alone, on Christ alone. The true Christian gladly confesses: “I’m only a sinner and nothing at all, but Jesus Christ is my all in all.”

You do not get saved by: Roman Infant baptism or by Roman penance or any other Roman ceremonies, you are saved by believing the word of God and receiving Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

chickcatholicFor a further comprehensive and illustrated explanation, of the difference between Roman Catholicism and Bible based Christianity, please click the link below a (scroll from top to bottom to read the full illustrated explanation):



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