David Icke Exposed!

The David Icke investigation.

DavidIckePic1David Icke’s books contain much truth, he certainly has a lot of inside information as to what is going on in many secret societies around the world. He  also provides much information to conspiracy researchers.

I read David Icke’s books many years ago, and I do believe in the existence of reptilian/human shapeshifters. However as one researchers and investigates David Icke, he seems to be totally supported and backed up by the international satanic church network.

I have met up personally with one of David Ickes alleged sources, who provided David with material related to reptilian activities within secret societies,  David often uses this mans material at his lectures. When I met up with this source, I discovered this man was involved in activities considered to be occult witchcraft, and he was also well acquainted with an occult guru linked to the Theosophical Society. This man spoke very well of an occult guru linked to the Theosophical Society, and explained how he had experienced an enlightened experience from this guru. At one stage it also seemed as if this individual was encouraging me to join the Theosophical Society. This startled me and made me very suspicious, as I know the Theosophical Society is completely satanic, and one of the entry points into the satanic church. wolf-in-sheeps-clothing

After my discussions with this man, who was a main source for David Ickes work, I knew I was dealing with a man linked to the satanic church and who was still working for them. This man who was an associate of David Icke, seemed to be actively supporting and working for an arm of the satanic church (The Theosophical Society).

I have personally conducted investigations into the Theosophical Society by actual physical visits to their buildings. I have visited the Theosophical Society and seen fallen angel/demon interaction with human beings. These fallen angels/demons are the fathers of the reptilian shapeshifters. These fallen angels in the past impregnated human females who gave birth to fallen angel/human hybrids, who can shapeshift from human form into reptilian form at will. Lucifer’s true form is that of a serpent type creature, so many of the reptilians may be the descendents of Lucifer. However reptilian/human hyrbrids can choose to break away from Lucifer and become benevolent. Reptilian hybrids can be saved while the fallen angels and Lucifer cannot. Reptilian hybrids can choose righteousness and choose Jesus Christ.

My apologies for digressing… but lets turn our attention back to the Theosophical Society. At the Theosophical Society humans and hybrids interact with fallen angels/demons and Lucifer himself. The fallen angels and their leader (Lucifer) operate outside our dimension of physical sight, but they can also materialize into our dimension and interact with human beings. A fallen angel can actually materialize into our dimension in any form it chooses, it can materialize as an animal, human etc. The fallen angels are able to animate themselves into our dimension into whatever form it wishes, its almost like a cartoon animator drawing a picture. I dont understand the physics or science to explain it, but I have witnessed these fallen angels materialize into our physical dimension, and they looked like perfect human beings. The fallen angels materialize in physical form at the Theosophical Society, and converse and give directions to members of the Theosophical Society.

Upon visiting the Theosophical Society I also saw large books devoted to Lucifer, books about the Jesuits, anti-christian books such as the Davinci Code, Masonic books and other occult books. However you will not find a King James Bible at the Theosophical Society. The books at the Theosophical Society are anti-christian and designed to destroy any faith you may have in the King James Bible and Jesus Christ of the Gospel. As the Theosophical Society is an entry point into the Satanic church, your faith in Jesus Christ needs to be destroyed before they let you in. The only way you can protect yourself from the supernatural powers of the fallen angels is through faith in Jesus Christ. In the gospels, we read how Jesus Christ was able to cast out demons and command them to leave at will. We also read in the gospels how Jesus used Bible verses to spiritually battle Lucifer when he was in the wilderness for 40 days, remember that Lucifer materialized in physical form and harrassed Jesus in the wilderness. Jesus was able to engage in spiritual warfare against Lucifer by using Bible verses (the word of God). The Satanic church wants its members under satanic control, so they must first use books and propaganda to destroy your faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ, before they grant you membership and put you under demonic control. A man disarmed of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the King James Bible, is disarmed against the mind control and demonic control of Lucifer and his minions. This is exactly what the Theosophical Society does as you seek to enter their demonic stronghold. They disarm you and attack the Christian faith, while they pour out their demonic books and ideologies to you. There was no doubt in my mind that this associate of David Icke was linked to the Satanic Theosophical Society. He had told me he had met top guru’s linked to the Theosophical Society, who taught the occult dark arts, and he spoke well of these men as if he was still following their teachings.

Here is some more information for you on the Theosophical Society. One of the Theosophical Societies leaders, Helena Blavatsky, is known as a Satanic church revivalist, she was a high level occult female Freemason. Helena Blavatsky was the founder of the Theosophical Society who wrote many of the books which laid the foundation for the Theosophical Societies doctrines.

Here are some qoutes from some of Helena Blavatsky’s works:“Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior.” The Secret Doctrine, by Blavtasky pages 171, 225, 255 (Volume II)
“It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” The Secret Doctrine, by Blavatsky pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)

Another one of the Theosophical Societies leaders, Alice Bailey, was also a hardcore satanist and Luciferian. Alice was the head of a book publishing company called “Lucifer Trust” this publishing company was also involved in publishing books for the United Nations. Lucifer Trust changed its name to Lucis Trust in the future, most likely to avoid being linked to satanism. This sly and comoflaging tactic is relevant to how the Theosophical Society has made David Icke seem like a benevolent character to the masses, while using him to promote their occult/new age agenda.

So know you have the understanding of what the Theosophical Society is, its a base for the fallen angels, an entry point into the Satanic church, and its also a propaganda and satanic literature instrument for the satanic church. Please be patient with me and follow me as I show you how David Icke is an evangelist for the satanic church.

The Theosophical Society owns and controls a very well known bookstore called “Adyar” bookshop. Adyar bookshop distributes books related to the: occult, witchcraft and all other ideologies which the Theosophical Society seeks to influence society with. If you visit Adyar bookshop, the staff will often try to recruit you into the Theosophical Society or a related new age/occult organization. Adyar bookshop also sells David Icke books…. yes you heard me correctly.. an arm of the satanic luciferian church is selling and distributing David Ickes books.. If David Icke is supposedly exposing and against the Satanic church, why are they publishing his books you might ask? Its simple… Satan does not care how much you know about his activities and secret societies, he will give you alot of truthful and interesting information, so that you will go to his workers. When someone wants to poison you, they will give you a glass of tasty juice, but it only takes a few drops of poison in that juice to injure you. David Icke gives you that tasty glass of juice full of intriguing and seemingly difficult to get information, but he laces it with the poison of cleverly concieved demonic complex philosophies, that attack the Holy Bible and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Lucifer and his Theosophical Society want you disarmed from the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible, and they use David Icke as their instrument to do this.

I have inspected many of the books located in the building of the Theosophical Society, and they are basically blueprints for David Ickes attack against Christianity and Jesus Christ. Theophiscal Society books are either Luciferian doctrines or complex/philosophical books, that attack Christianity and seek to disarm the individual from the truth of Jesus Christ. David Ickes books are interesting and intriguing, no doubt, he does provide alot of solid information that discusses the activities of the satanic church and other conspiracies, however he laces his juicy information with Theosophical Society propaganda that attacks the diety of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. Lucifer does not care about how much knowledge of the conspiracies he creates in this world you have,  as long as you are disarmed from the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible, then he doesnt care how much information about him you have. As long as you are disarmed from the Lordship of Jesus Christ; the witchcraft, mind control and demonic deceptions will come against you and you will be defenseless. David Icke is following the orders of Lucifer and the Theosophical Society who distribute his books, by offering you juicy information laced with poisonous lies and antichrist doctrines, which are designed to disarm you and lead you into the occult/new age movement controlled by the satanic church.

The occult/new age religion is going to be the satanic religion, controlled by the Satanic church, under the New World Order/United Nations. The Satanic church is going to unite all religions, nations and cultures under the UN and form a one world government and religion. The world religion will be an occult new age philosophy that relates to all religions, and the doctrines of the new age world religion will probably be distributed by the Theosophical Societies Lucis/Lucifer Trust, which is the chosen book publishing company of the United Nations. David Icke will also assist this one world new age occult religion through his own books and lectures. If you read David Ickes books, he clearly promotes new age occult spiritual experiences that are also promoted by the Theosophical Society.

The Theosophical Society are going to evangelize a one world occult new age religion, that seems so sweet and lovely, and one of their evangelists, David Icke, is going to lead many people down this road. Icke will give you plenty of juicy information on the satanic churches inner circle, while he promotes the satanic churches New Age movement and leads you into the very movement that they control.

The Satanic Church has many proxies, and proxies that control other proxies. The Theosophical Society is a proxy with many other proxies underneath it, which include Adyar bookshop that promotes its occult ideology and one world new age religion. David Icke is also a proxy of the Theosophical Society and Satanic church, Icke even pretends to expose the Theosophical Society while they distribute his books and he promotes their new age agenda in his books. You should also remember that the Theosophical Society also sells tickets to David Ickes lectures through Adyar bookshop which it owns and controls. The evidence is clear, the satanic church through the Theosophical Society are using David Icke and selling his books and seminar tickets.

Below are screenshots from David Ickes official website forum, that clearly prove that David Icke is supported and managed by the Luciferian Theosophical Society.




9 thoughts on “David Icke Exposed!

  1. This was a very informative post – thanks for putting so much Icke info together in one place……and I didn’t know about the Lucis Trust thing at all. THAT IS FREAKING TERRIFYING!!! Why is no one even mentioning that? Last week I just found out about the Bohemian Grove nonsense, and in my decades alive no one has EVER mentioned it on a TV show or news program. The average person has no clue what’s going on, do they???

    This world is flat out insane.

    • Thanks for your comments Christopher. The evidence on Icke being an agent for the Jesuit/Illuminati/Satanic alliance is undeniable in my view. I used to visit Adyar bookstore which is owned and operated by the highly Satanic Theosophical Luciferian society, and they absolutely push and peddle Icke’s books and seminar tickets in their store, they are basically Icke’s infrastructure in Australia.

      The average person is completely blind to what is happening, they think people like us are crazy, even though all the evidence points to the contrary. In the end, people believe what they want to believe regardless of what reality or the evidence displays.

      Glad to hear that someone like you Christopher has woken up and is informed. Keep up the good work!

      • Besides Icke’s writings (which are popular), do you know of any reputable work (online or in print) that explores the Reptilian aspect in greater detail?

        Also, what is your feeling regarding the Book of Enoch? Although it has authorship/translation issues that cannot make it a canonical part of the KJV bible, it seems to validate what is said in the Bible, and from what I’ve read the Bible (which is written later) seems to reference it. I have not read it in its entirety though, so I’m still on the fence. Thoughts?

      • Regarding the book of Enoch, it is referenced in the book of Jude, so I agree it does have some credibility, but the problem is, you need to make sure you have the correct version. There are many versions of the book of Enoch, and I know some are produced by the new age/occult movement, and are not the book Jude referenced. I heard Dr Scott Johnson (who does have some credibility in my view) discuss the accurate book of Enoch that Jude quoted a while ago on the radio, he did recommend an appropriate version, but it was a long time ago, so I cannot remember the details. Regarding books that mention the reptilians, Branton has written a lot of good online books (I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says), and they are available online if you google search.

  2. Very eye opening blog…thank you for your blog so many are still asleep pray for blind eyes to be opened….I’ve reblogged this on my site..thank you again..in my research I seem to have the idea that lucent technologies are connected to lucis publishing ?? Any idea??
    GOD BLESS..Annemarie

  3. Can you give me a link proving Alice Bailey was the head of a book publishing company called “Lucifer Trust” this publishing company was also involved in publishing books for the United Nations? My friend wanted proof from the source not just because someone said so. ( I believe you though!) Thanks for all this info by the way!!!

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