Alien Origins

In Branton’s “The Dulce book,” there is an interview between an interviewer (who I believe is Branton) and Thomas Castello (an alleged Dulce Base security officer). The Dulce base is allegedly an underground military base where aliens (reptilians, greys and other entities) work with human’s and secret societies such as the Jesuits. In the interview both Branton and Thomas Castello agree that the reptilians originated on earth.

Excerpt from the Thomas Castello interview from the Dulce Book:

Q — Others have suggested that some of the entities below Dulce are not of ’extraterrestrial’ ORIGIN, and that they are actually descended from saurian or reptiloid beings such as the Velociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus — a ’serpentine’ race or races similar to that hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis?

A — Yes, some ’reptoids’ are native to this planet. The ruling caste of ’aliens’ ARE reptilian. The beige or white beings are called The Draco. Other reptilian beings are green, and some are brown. They were an ancient race on Earth, living underground. It may have been one of the Draconian beings that ’tempted’ Eve in the Garden of Eden. Reptoids rightly consider themselves “native Terrans.” Perhaps they are the ones we call the Fallen Angels. Maybe not, either way, we are [considered] the ’squatters’ on Earth.” (Source: A Dulce Base security officer speaks out)

The conversation between the interviewer and Castello  is important, both are speculating on the origin of the reptilians, and I believe we can observe truth in this conversation. My research leads me to believe the reptilians are the product of a sexual relationship between a human and fallen angel (interdimensional spirit being as recorded in the Bible). These relationships may have produced the dinosaurs (the Bible records that relationships between humans and fallen angels produced giants) and ultimately the reptilians, which are reported as able to shapeshift between a reptilian and human form.

Thomas Castello (An alleged security officer at Dulce Base) and others have stated that they believe the: greys,  some reptilians and other alien species are from other planets in the universe. I do not believe this, as I believe this is false doctrine which originated in the church of satan and which is spread through the underground base networks, as most military/political leaders in the underground base networks (Dulce/Area 51 etc), are ministers in the Satanic church (Col Michael Aquino etc).

According to former high level Luciferians/Satanists, witches and Luciferians, believe they are the descendents of unique alien beings from other planets. This is written in the secret Luciferian Bible, which many witches and satanists use. In Cathy O’Brians book, she also says she saw politician George Bush shapeshift into a reptilian being, and he told her that he believed his descendents were reptile aliens from another planet. George Bush is a well known practicing satanist who was a member of the skull and bones satanic society. The fallen angels promote many false doctrines to their followers, and one of them is, is that they are from another planet and are aliens. As you go higher in the satanic church, you will eventually be told that their church doctrines, relate to worshiping Lucifer and luciferian spirits, who are aliens from another planet. Because these are the doctrines of the satanic church and its affiliate occult denominations, these idea’s are spread throughout the: NSA, CIA, Military and underground bases, so this idea of fallen angels and other unique creatures being aliens from another planet is promoted through these military and intelligence networks, which is why people like Thomas Costello and others, believe these various beings are aliens from another planet.

One must understand that according to FBI special agent/chief Ted Gunderson, most of the military and intelligence agencies are full of Church of Satan members and Priests, so the Church of Satan doctrines are spread through these intelligence/military networks.

We must also remember that the Priests and members of the Satanic Church whether they be reptilian hybrids or human beings, are completely brainwashed and deceived by the Luciferian doctrines, given to them by demons which appear to them at their church services when they worship the devil.

If you have deceived humans and hybrids who are Priests and practicing members of a deceived backward church, your going to have lies and deception spread throughout the networks you are working in (military, underground secret bases, politics, intelligence agencies etc). We must remember that these fallen angels/demons are pathological liars and deceivers, who create all kinds of false doctrines and stories, to deceive people and get their servants to do their dirty work. Below is some comprehensive information about various alien species reported.

The Greys:

There have been many documented sightings of various non-human beings, many people believe to be aliens from another planet. One of the most common sightings is that of the grey aliens. The grey aliens come in two categories, they are either short grey aliens, just a few feet tall, and then you have the very tall grey aliens, which can be anywhere from 7-9 feet tall.

According to my own research the greys are genetically created beings or demons who materialize in person in the form of a grey alien, and have been created in test tubes to serve the new world order and satanic church. The greys are intelligent beings and are capable of flying advanced aircrafts, such as the anti-gravity flying saucers, and other crafts the shadow government is in possession of. According to my research the greys serve certain compartments of the CIA, NSA and other secret factions of the military and secret government. The CIA, NSA and military are controlled by the Jesuits and their subordinant secret societies such as: The temple of set, the rosicrucians, scottish rite freemasonry, OTO (ordo templi orientis), Theosophical Society and other satanic churches linked to the Jesuits. I also suspect the greys may also be implanted with electronic devices which are used to control them. The greys may very well be operated by remote control by operators in the: NSA, CIA and Military intelligence. The greys may also be part of Colonel Michael Aquino’s pysch war, which he wrote about in his NSA paper.The greys are also definitely demonized and according to my analysis, are working with demons during their harrassment of civilians. I think thats why there is such a high volume of practicing satanists involved in the: NSA, CIA and Military. Michael Aquino who was second in command at the church of satan in America, later became head of the satanic, temple of set. Most people are aware that Michael Aquino was also a high ranking member of the NSA, and according to documents, Michael Aquino was advised by a high level military officer, on how to set up the satanic temple of set church. High level military seems to be full of satanists. According to FBI agent Ted Gunderson, praciticing satanists seem to be infesting the US military. This makes sense, because if the greys are being controlled on an electronic level by military personel, and if they are also being controlled by demons, it would make sense that practicing satanists, would be able to work with the greys and demons at the same time. Satanism involves interacting with fallen angels/demons in various black magic rituals. There is a spiritual and scientific aspect to the greys and their conduct, we must remember this.I personally believe that the greys are created in test tubes, in underground military bases, and that before, during and after their conception, I believe they are put into satanic rituals and dedicated to satan. They may also have demons placed into them during these rituals, and there maybe some kind of dedication ceremony, where they are dedicated to serve Lucifer and the NWO agenda.

When the greys engage in hostile acts against civilians, human military assistance also seems to be involved. When Alex Player of Queensland/Australia had his backyard invaded by greys, a military helicopter was seen lurking around his property around the time of these events.If you observe the video link below, you will see a large black sophisticated military helicopter, flying around Alex Players house, around the time he had numerous grey alien invasions upon his house and property.

Many other people harrassed by the grey aliens, also report human military involvement in these operations with the greys.It should also be stated that many people who are harassed by the greys, have been able to fight them off using spiritual warfare practices, which Jesus Christ used in the gospels. Due to the amount of demon possession involved with the greys, the greys may be able to be stopped through prayer and casting them away in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Reptilians:

One of the other species of aliens also described are the reptilians. The reptilians are known as hybrids, as they can shapeshift from human form into reptilian form at will. Many of the world leaders in: politics, royalty, finance, the military and business are alleged to be reptilian shapeshifters. It’s also been alleged that the high level members of most satanic secret societies are reptilian shapeshifters.I believe the reptilian shapeshifters do exist, however I believe they originated on earth, and are the result of a fallen angel and human being sexual encounter. Fallen angels (demons) materialize in human form on a regular basis, I have seen this occur at an occult lodge building. According to the King James Bible in Genesis chapter 6, the fallen angels had sexual intercourse with human females and produced hybrid offspring. In the book of Genesis, the result of this fallen angel/human intercourse, was super giant human beings with 6 fingers on each hand. We know from the Bible that there are many types of angels with various features, so could it be possible that in the past, giant human looking fallen angels, mated with human females to produce a giant human hybrid. Some angels have various characteristics which relate to various animals, and some angels even have more than one head, so I think the type of angel that mates with a human female, determines what kind of features the hybrid child will have. In the case of the reptilian shapeshifters, I think their female ancestors mated with Lucifer (who is called the serpent, and who has serpent/reptilian features according to the Bible), so this sexual union between Lucifer and various human females has produced reptilian/human hybrid bloodlines.

The reptilian shapeshifters are part human/part angel, so they have angel DNA and human DNA, which means they are physical human beings with angelic characteristics. In the Bible angels lived in another dimension outside the physical one, but they could also materialize into our physical dimension at will. So the reptilian shapeshifters, are able to materialize their angel characteristics, into our physical dimension at will. Remember that Lucifer (Satan) is an angel that rebelled against God, and that his true form is a reptilian serpent, he lives in the spirit world, but materializes in physical form at various Satanic churches and cults around the world. When you consider that Lucifer is probably the father ancestor to most of the reptilian shapeshifters, take into consideration what the fallen angel DNA and human DNA might conceive after a sexual union.

The reptilian/human shapeshifter, is the obvious result of a sexual union, between the fallen angel Lucifer/and other demons and a female human being. According to my own research and belief, a reptilian shapeshifter can come into the Holy Spirit/Super Intelligence consciousness. A reptilian can make a decision to choose Jesus Christ over Lucifer, and a reptilian can become benevolent and be used as a tool for righteousness, as per Brantons report regarding the reptilians assisting a military operation, that rescued trapped human women from the Dulce underground base. According to another Christian Minister, he has known actual reptilian shapeshifters, who chose Jesus Christ as their personal savior and who are practicing Christians. I believe there are many reptilians out there, who are benevolent practicing Christians, who want to do the right thing and help create a better world. We must not judge reptilians based on their race, we must judge them according to the content of their character. I believe there are both righteous and unrighteous reptilians out there, just as there are unrighteous and righteous human beings. A reptilian hybrid can become a Christian and break free from Luciferian control. Please see my post “deliverance for reptilians” for further info.

Various other alien species: There are various other kinds of intelligent alien species in my view. My belief is that all of these species are test tube created and originate from earth, and were created just as the greys were, in test tubes at various secret military science labs. According to the Dulce Book, there is a level at Dulce Underground base that is nicknamed “Nightmare Hall”, this is where horrific experiments take place, and you see beings that are part human and part spider etc. You also have various reports of anti-gravity crafts mutilating cattle in strange ways, I think this may be related to creating hybrid animal/humans to be used as soldiers and personnel for the coming world government. You probably have anti-gravity craft bringing back animal parts/DNA to underground bases, where they are used in labs to create human/animal hybrids, that are brainwashed and indoctrinated from conception to serve the NWO.

Other Aliens:

The coming world government will be pro communist, pro Nazi ,pro fascist, and in the past, the communist Russian leader Joseph Stalin wanted to create a hybrid monkey/human race to be used in the military. The newscientist magazine reported that Joseph Stalin had plans, to produce part animal/part human beings to serve the soviet empire. Click this link for more information:

The Dulce Base animal/human hybrid experiments, may have been extensions of the experiments that Joseph Stalin probably conducted, and these experiments may have also been conducted by Nazi German Scientists. It is my belief that all alien species originate on earth, and many are serving the secret world government (all political leaders worldwide are working together in secret to create a one world government for Lucifer and the Anti-Christ).

According to researchers such as Branton, there are many different species of alien creatures such as intelligent Sasquatch humanoids, if one researcher’s the above newscientist link, its clear Joseph Stalin and his scientists were creating these type of aliens in the past.

The advanced technology the aliens operate, has been given to them by the shadow government who has coveted advanced technology produced by german scientists, and other brilliant scientists over the last century. It is clear in official documentation, that the Nazi’s had possession of anti-gravity flying disks and other advanced crafts, and this technology was imported to the United States through Project Paperclip (which involved bringing many Nazi personel, officers and scientists into the United States), and many of these Nazi’s became members of the CIA and NSA. This Nazi/CIA/NSA technology is now being used exclusively by the world government, which is controlled by the Satanic international church. These test tube created aliens are totally controlled by the world government, and are using this advanced technology to serve the NWO. Most of this technology which includes anti-gravity disks and other spacecrafts, are stored at places like area 51, and many of them are stored in underground bases. I am also certain that human beings who serve the world government are also manning these crafts aswell.

Fallen Angels/Demons:

Fallen angels, also known as demons and devils, are spiritual beings who operate in a realm outside the physical, but can also materialize into our physical space at various times and places. They can mainly materialize in physical form at: Satanic cults and rituals, at occult masonic lodges, and if your house has occult/satanic objects or books in it, they also may be able to materialize in your home. They can materialize into any physical form they wish which includes: your loved ones, animals, beautiful women, handsome men or various other creatures. They can also remain invisible and manipulate your physical surroundings by opening doors without you seeing them, and also even physically attack you or touch you. According to the Bible in Genesis 6, they can also have sexual intercourse with women. In the Bible angels are defined as ministering spirits, so these fallen angels are spirit beings who were created by Almighty God, to serve Him and His Kingdom. However many of these angels and their leader Lucifer, rebelled against God and for many thousands of years, these fallen angels have been fighting against God, His righteousness and corrupting humanity. These fallen angels created secret satanic societies, so that they could recruit men to worship and serve them. The fallen angels are the hidden hands controlling all satanic secret societies and many other religions worldwide, they materialize in physical form and give orders to their human and hybrid servants.Fallen angels can be fought against successfully if you are a born again Christian who is anointed by the Holy Ghost. One must simply command the fallen angel to be bound in Jesus name, command the fallen angel to be silent, and then command the fallen angel to depart from their presence in the name of Jesus Christ.Consider these words from Jesus Christ, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils” (King James Bible Mark 16:17)

I certainly do not claim infallibility, but would like to address the grey aliens once again. I also believe the greys may very well be demons/fallen angels materializing into this grey alien humanoid form also. Aleister Crowley who was a high level Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) member used to hold satanic ceremonies and summon demons at rituals, the demon he summoned would appear in the form of a grey alien.

This demonic entity which Alisteir Crowley named Lam, appeared frequently at Crowley’s satanic rituals. This demon certainly does fit the description of a grey alien and other entities which many witnesses have claimed were aliens from another planet. Many alleged abductees claim that these entities can walk through walls and appear and disappear at will, so witnesses seem to confirm that these demonic beings are in fact spirit beings and demons.

Its very interesting to also note that the top UFO researchers such as Jacques Valee who are objective and non-religious, have stated that they believe these alleged alien beings are demonic and hostile.

It may very well be that the Greys and other humanoid aliens are a combination of either genetically altered/created species working for the Jesuits/illuminati (according to the newscientist journal research), or fallen angels/demons who are materializing in physical form and performing exploits and other missions to further their goals and the goals of the Jesuits/illuminati. Fallen angels need to visualize a physical form so they can materialize that form when they enter our physical dimension, very often they take the form of a regular human being or animal, but they may also take the form of aliens that the Jesuit scientists create in test tubes, as these test tube aliens are symbolic of the Jesuit/illuminati, NWO, military/intelligence empire.


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